Cancellation Queries

Cancellation Rules:

  1. All the Services must be Cancelled before the Due date.
  2. Once the service passes the due date, the service cannot be cancelled and the next month invoice needs to be paid.
  3. The Service will be automatically suspended the next day of the due date.
  4. All Services apart from Domain Names and Dedicated Servers will have 5 Days grace period after due date to make the payment, until which the service will be suspended with the data retained.
  5. Dedicated Servers will be suspended the next day of the due date and will be Terminated the second day conswquently.
  6. All Services apart from Domain Names and Dedicated Servers will be Terminated once the grace period is over and the invoice is still due.
  7. Any Service once Terminated will not be recoverable and we cannot proide the Data from it at any cost.
  8. It is client's responsibility to either cancel the service before the due date or pay the serice on time.

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